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‘After you’re dead, you can’t explain it.’ Parents usually split their estate evenly among their kids. But if they don’t — look out.

Lingering bitterness can lead to litigation or a severing of family ties.

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​You’re not too young to have a will. Take care of your family with a simple ‘I love you, honey’ estate plan

Put your finances in order in case you die young -- especially if you have kids.

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The ‘forgotten depression’ of the post-pandemic 1920s has stark lessons for us now

The 'Roaring '20s' wasn't an uninterrupted, money-making bull market.

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Here’s a simple way to save on retirement’s No. 1 expense

Save a boatload of cash -- and live longer

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Bursts of bullish exuberance are common during bear markets — and it’s all too easy to get sucked in

Just because it feels like a bull market doesn’t mean it is a bull market.

Retirement Planning Means More Than Saving in Your 401(k)

Transitioning into this next stage of life takes introspection, not just financial planning, retirement coaches say.

Why 20 million U.S. homes are struggling to pay their utility bills and white-collar graduates are vulnerable to recession and need to get smart when applying for jobs

Friday's top personal finance stories.

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Tesla’s upcoming stock split isn’t likely to do much for the share price

Stock splits are less common nowadays and have become largely meaningless distractions.

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You’re worrying about the market, but it’s just one of the 5 big perils retirees face

Retirement savers often wring their hands over stock market fluctuations, but there are other, bigger concerns.

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The LGBTQ+ community needs help meeting retirement and personal finance goals. Financial advisers have a huge opportunity to make a difference.

To attract clients in the LGBTQ+ community, advisers can signal their inclusiveness with these steps.

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Stock buybacks aren’t the threat Congress and the Inflation Reduction Act says they are

Federal tax on buybacks won't raise much revenue, and repurchases are a small and declining percentage of the stock market.

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Charitable Giving in the U.S. Rebounded Last Year

BNY Mellon says its clients’ total donations increased 27% in 2021

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Donor-advised funds like Fidelity’s are starving charities of the money they need

Taxpayers are subsidizing wealthy DAF donors, but there's no requirement that the contributions ever be used for charitable purposes

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Inflation hits each of us differently. Your age, budget and spending priorities affect how you handle rising prices.

Investment advisers can help you calculate your personal inflation rate.

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Suddenly, stock-market investors are wrestling with ‘boomflation’ after hot July jobs report

Is it stagflation? Recession? Or is something else gripping the U.S. economy that the Federal Reserve and investors need to consider?